2020/2021 Fixtures:

Quad: 13th and 14th February in Palmerston North against Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Waiarapapa.

Junior Teams Event: 27th and 28th March 2021 in Wellington

2020/202 Ladder:

Junior Ladder can be found under the "Junor Reps" tab. 

The team for the Junior Quad has been selected off the ladder, so challenges can get underway for the upcoming fixtures for 2021. Good luck.

* You can challenge 2 above your current placing on the ladder.

* Challenges need to be played within 2 weeks of being requested.

* 12's,14's and 16's will be best of 3 sets to 6 with a super-tie breaker for the 3rd. 

* The top 4 players from the ladder will be selected to play in the fixtures, and if anyone is unavaliable then the 5th player will be asked etc. 

* On the fixture day, players must play in Configure Ranking order not by ladder ranking, the ladder is to just secure your place in the team!

- If you are intrested in being added to the ladder please email me on info@tennismanawatu.org.nz.